Make Your Organization Smarter and Faster

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise collaboration platform that will enable your company to create, capture, search and share information across the entire organization, driving better and more timely business decisions.

Collaborate with colleagues in real time. Keep documents in sync, while accessing and sharing them wherever you go. Use integrated social newsfeeds (powered by Yammer) to stay on top of relevant content within your company. Easily create websites that serve as a single location for your team to organize content, share ideas and manage a project.

How do you put the latest version of SharePoint to work in your organization to capitalize on these benefits? Consult AAJ Technologies. We’ve completed hundreds of successful SharePoint deployments and upgrades since the first version was released in 2000. We can put our extensive insights and knowledge to work to ensure the success of your implementation.


Image of Share Knowledge

Share Knowledge

Give employees a consolidated view of timely content, pulled from various departments across the organization. Make it easier and faster to search internal subject matter experts and get answers to pressing questions.

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Boost Productivity

Drive greater employee efficiency through robust search functionality, enhanced document management, and seamless tie-ins to the latest version of Microsoft Office and other app. Create sites that are easy-to-use.

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Discover Insights

Generate business intelligence dashboards and reports more efficiently, pulling data from sources across SharePoint, Office, Microsoft SQL Server, and other apps – to get the key performance data you need,

Client Testimonial

Miami Children's Hospital

I knew that AAJ was the right choice from the beginning. Their knowledge of SharePoint is far superior to any other consultants that I’ve ever met.

- Manager of Software and Web Development, Miami Children’s Hospital

    The Next Step

    With a track record of hundreds of successful SharePoint deployments, AAJ’s technical team is uniquely qualified to help you answer these questions and walk you through the process:

    • How do you maximize business value (and return on investment) of SharePoint?
    • How do you configure SharePoint to work most effectively in your business?
    • How do you convert, organize and migrate massive amounts of data and content to SharePoint with minimal disruption to your operations?

    Contact us today to learn more about how we can help put SharePoint to work for you.