Improve Decision-Making throughout Your Organization

Pyramid Analytics empowers users at all levels, from analysts to front line managers, to ask questions of data sources across the enterprise and get answers quickly, without having a technical background. With integrated reporting, analytics and dashboards, Pyramid Analytics offers smarter decision-making to more people throughout your company, while also meeting your enterprise IT team’s expectations for data security, scalability, performance, stability, and integration.

How do you harness the power of Pyramid Analytics to maximize the potential of business intelligence and analytics in your company? At AAJ, we have the deep BI expertise that can help you to configure Pyramid Analytics in a way that supports your overall business objectives, while also tailoring the system to meet the unique needs of your business users, data analysts and IT.

  • Icon for Accessibility

    Make analytics easier to understand and consume for a larger user base,

  • Icon for Self-Serve BI
    Self-Serve BI

    Allow your non-technical users to easily create dashboards and reports.

  • Icon for Fast Deployment
    Fast Deployment

    Quickly deploy to a public or private cloud within one to two days.

The Next Steps

  • How do you deploy and configure Pyramid Analytics to fit your unique business intelligence and analytics requirements?
  • How do you manage access to ensure proper security of your data?
  • How do you effectively train your staff on Pyramid Analytics to drive high user adoption rates?

AAJ’s broad and deep expertise in BI, analytics and systems integration can help you and your team to maximize the value of Pyramid Analytics in your organization.