Integrate Without Custom Coding

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron enables your organization to integrate cloud and on-premises applications within days, rather than the months it typically takes with custom coding. This eliminates the need to build the project from scratch, which helps reduce costs and accelerate the business benefits achieved through systems integration.

How do you determine whether WebSphere Cast Iron is the right tool to support your systems integration needs? Lean on AAJ Technologies’ nearly two decades of experience in enterprise systems integration to walk you through the options and identify the best fit for your business objectives and budget.

Illustration for Accelerate Deployment

Accelerate Deployment

Leverage Template Integration Processes (TIPs) to deliver integration projects within days, not months, as is typical with custom coding approaches.

Illustration for Maximize IT Resources

Maximize IT Resources

Capitalize on WebSphere Cast Iron’s “No Coding” capabilities to free up programmers and get them working on other projects that focus on your core business.

Illustration for Reduce TCO

Reduce TCO

Reduce your total cost of ownership and realize savings of up to 80 percent over custom coding by leveraging competitive subscription rates and short implementation cycles.

The Next Step

  • Where can WebSphere Cast Iron generate the most value to your organization?
  • How do you deploy WebSphere Cast Iron in a way that aligns with your overall technology and business objectives?

At AAJ, our proven methodology and deep expertise in systems integration will guide you through the process to help you determine when, where and how WebSphere Cast Iron can best fit your business.