Get Your Applications Talking to Each Other

Applications are the livelihood of modern business. From payroll to data storage, it’s critical that different applications talk to each other. That’s where platforms like Microsoft BizTalk, MuleSoft, Cast Iron and others come in. In the hands of AAJ Technologies’ integration specialists, you’ll be amazed what these platforms can do.

With nearly two decades of systems integration experience, we focus on providing solutions that integrate internal and external systems using various technologies, from Oracle, SAP to Whether the integrated systems are on-premise or in the cloud, our team have the expertise to provide the needed support onsite or through our Nearshore Center of Excellence.

Illustration for Save Time

Save Time

Take a second to think about how much time you spend getting various applications to talk with each other. It can add up a lot faster than you’d think. Leveraging a variety of integration platforms, we get applications to speak together so you don’t have to, saving you time.

Illustration for Roll with Updates

Roll with Updates

Most applications try their best to play with others, but true integration involves a level of cooperation between different companies that can seem impossible. Many times applications that appear to be working well together suddenly break down when one of them gets a software update. We give your integration more flexibility — eliminating update breakdowns.

Illustration for Sync Everything

Sync Everything

Our team has one goal: seamless application integration. Moving data and functions between applications should work smoothly, without hiccups. In most cases, that’s easier said than done. We integrate applications the right way, enabling a single cohesive system that can do everything you need.

System Integration Based on Your Needs

Application integration is a specialty skill. Most of the time, companies don’t need it, so it doesn’t make sense to keep an expert on staff. But when you need integration, you really need it, and it has to be done right. AAJ has the expertise you need for a flawless optimization. Our system integration services include:

  • MuleSoft / BizTalk managed services, administration and database management
  • Enterprise integration architecture framework, design and roadmap
  • Preventative maintenance services