Expand Your IT Resources On-Demand to Control Costs and Accelerate Growth

Are you under pressure to cut IT costs without sacrificing network performance? Is your existing IT staff bogged down with day-to-day administrative tasks, limiting their capacity to take on more valuable projects?

With AAJ’s Managed Services, you gain access to our senior-level IT experts when and for however long you need them. We’ll help you to expand the capabilities of your team, add capacity faster, and lower the risk and cost of your IT services without your needing to hire additional full-time resources.

We can also take care of the “heavy lifting” of your organization’s burdensome IT support work, freeing up your in-house team – including programmers and technical staff – to work on more valuable and strategic projects.

What level of Managed Services do you need to optimize your IT operations? Tap into our deep knowledge across a full-range of business and technical disciplines;
we can help you to determine the optimal level of IT support that will help you maximize cost efficiencies and boost your competitive advantage.

Image of Scalability


Expand your technical team with the experts you need, whenever you need them, to meet ever-changing business demands.

Image of Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Control IT costs by leveraging AAJ’s experts and IT infrastructure on-demand, without adding to overhead or capital expenses.

Image of Staff Optimization

Staff Optimization

Relieve your staff of the burden of day-to-day management of IT operations and focus their efforts on more strategic (and profitable) tasks.

Illustration for A Full Range of Services, Whenever You Need Them

A Full Range of Services, Whenever You Need Them

Whether you’re looking for ongoing enhancements and upgrades to a mobile app or a broader range of ongoing IT support services, AAJ Technologies can support you with the IT experts and infrastructure you need on-demand to fit your business objectives and budget. Our managed services include:

• Application Lifecycle Management
• Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics
• Data Management
• Backup and Recovery
• SharePoint Support
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Business Process Management (BPM)
• Network Security Management
• Ongoing User Training

What level of managed services do you need to optimize your IT capabilities?