Share Knowledge to Boost Productivity – and Profit

Smart organizations use portals – whether intranets (for employees) or extranets (for suppliers, partners, and/or customers) – to collaborate and share knowledge, automate processes, and streamline workflows in ways that increase productivity and reduce costs.

But how do you develop portals that users will want to use, while also ensuring proper security? How do you pull together thousands – or tens of thousands – of documents and corporate artifacts in a way that makes them easy-to-access for authorized users? How do you integrate new portals with legacy systems with minimal disruption to your business?

The experts at AAJ Technologies bring nearly two decades experience in portal integrations and collaboration solutions, giving you the confidence that your project will be a success.

“AAJ Technologies Helps Company Enhance A SharePoint Implementation Which was not up to Industry Standards.”

Portals & Collaboration Management

Image for Content Management

Content Management

Make the right content available to the right people at the right time.

Image for Project Management

Project Management

Improve efficiencies and overall quality of projects with more efficient teamwork.

Image for Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Uncover internal experts quickly to address business challenges.

Image for Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Automate manual processes and expedite workflows.

Collaborating on Your Success

Whether you’re looking for a completely new implementation or to upgrade an existing system, AAJ Technologies can help you each step of the way. We’ll work with you to:

  • Develop your portal strategy to align with business objectives
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks to avoid delays and extra costs
  • Create elegant, user-friendly interfaces that encourage adoption
  • Execute data migration in a way that minimizes disruption
  • Integrate with legacy systems to ensure optimal performance

What level of support do you need to enhance collaboration in your organization?