Top 3 Reasons Nearshore Outsourcing is Best for Agile Development

For outsourced technology projects that require a high degree of collaboration, constant communication, and joint development and product management, the Agile Methodology has proven to be the best.

  • While our Agile-friendly development centers offer US organizations a cost-efficient outsourcing option, it is AAJ’s flexible engagement model that delivers peak performance by combining senior onshore consultants and nearshore development resources to provide an optimum Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Faster time to market cycles and increased output, realized as the result of leveraging the Agile methodology in our Nearshore model, can drastically reduce the cost of your outsourced initiative and deliver increased revenue through better quality and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Our Nearshore Development Center in Argentina offers access to a large pool of highly skilled project teams, a modern technology infrastructure, as well as high degrees of commitment and a passionate dedication to quality assurance.

A Custom Team for your Project

Because of our breadth of resources and depth of technical expertise, we provide a customized project team that includes carefully selected consultants based on your specific project requirements. Your outsourced team consists of team members who are long-term AAJ consultants and have previously worked together on complex projects. Contrary to many outsourcing agencies, our team members do not learn how to collaborate as part of your project. They are able to hit the ground running on day one.

To discuss your outsourcing options and how our Nearshore model may be a fit, contact us today.


Nearshore outsourcing with AAJ makes sense for your Agile projects:

  • Faster time to market.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Development centers, built Agile-friendly from the ground up.
  • Real-time collaboration in similar time zones.
  • Higher value consulting through increased cultural affinity.
  • Lower project team turnover.
  • Exceptional English language proficiency.
  • Enhanced risk mitigation through copyright protection.
  • Innovation and intuition woven into our technology fabric.
  • Ease of engagement.
  • Consistently ranked #1 provider by customers.

Outsourcing in Argentina

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