At the Future of Healthcare Forum events held in October, 2014, Microsoft and other healthcare industry leaders shared their insights into the most pressing challenges facing healthcare organizations today and how to solve them. From improving patient engagement, to enhancing revenue lifecycle management, to easing the transition to ICD-10, attendees learned how the latest technologies can help healthcare organizations streamline operations and improve patient care.

Check out the presentations below and get some insights into the Future of Healthcare!

“Aligning Data Discovery and Understanding to Provide a Quality Care Continuum for Patients and High Value to Payers”
Drew Cobb, Director, Healthcare Advisory, KPMG

Overview: Changing patient care and payment models are taking us from a present day of little, if any, care integration; an addiction to volumes of visits/encounters; treating the illness as a single event; fee for service and retrospective data to a new model. This new model features coordinated care management across multiple care settings and creating “episodes of care” by linking visits, wellness and disease management with reimbursements. The new patient care and payment model requires real-time/predictive and prescriptive data analysis and a longitudinal view of clinical and business processes. Both internal and comparative benchmarks are also needed to determine our ability to provide quality care to the patient and deliver value to payers.

About the Speaker: Drew Cobb has over twenty-three years’ experience in executive management positions, including serving as Chief Information Officer and Chief Applications Officer at two multi-site health systems. He also served as the Administrator of Surgery (Operating Rooms) at Johns Hopkins Hospital. As Director of Healthcare Advisory at KPMG, Drew applies his extensive knowledge of the “Business of Medicine” and how technology can support the clinical and business processes necessary for high quality, cost-effective and value-based care of patients across all care settings (acute, ambulatory, home health and hospice).

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“How Simply Healthcare Plans Created a Membership Enrollment Machine by Automating Business Processes”
Roger Betancourt, CIO, Simply Healthcare Plans

Overview: Simply Healthcare Plans needed to transform its member enrollment process into a high-speed, automated system – fast. Faced with new government regulations for Medicaid, the company needed to meet strict new requirements for processing enrollments or face stiff penalties. Learn how Simply Healthcare Plans turned a potential obstacle into a huge opportunity that is helping to fuel the company’s triple-digit growth.

About the Speaker: Roger Betancourt is Chief Information Officer of Simply Healthcare Plans, a Florida-licensed health maintenance organization with over 4,000 primary and specialty care doctors, more than 108 hospitals and hundreds of ancillary providers and pharmacies in 10 Florida counties.  In June, 2014, Simply Healthcare Plans was named the seventh fastest growing company in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal, with a 320.6 percent increase in revenues in the last two years.

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From ‘Zero’ to ‘Healthcare Analytics Insights’ in 3 Weeks!”
Lloyd Chesney, CIO, Hospital Physicians Partners

Overview: Join Hospital Physician Partners’ CIO as he takes you through a journey of their rapid analytics deployment on the Microsoft BI Platform with Pyramid Analytics. Hospital Physician Partners (HPP) was using the Microsoft BI Platform and needed additional enhancements to help turn “mountains of data” into “Insights”. Additionally, HPP needed these insights to be delivered in an easy-to-use and intuitive self-service framework for their business and care delivery personnel.

About the Speaker: Lloyd Chesney serves as Chief Information Officer at Hospital Physicians Partners, the nation’s fourth largest provider of emergency department management and hospitalist services to hospitals. It offers physician recruitment, staffing, scheduling, and billing/ collection services to over 100 hospitals in 25 states. Throughout Lloyd’s career, he has taken the lead in the development and adoption of emerging technologies for Internet, healthcare and medical devices. Lloyd is adept at creating, developing and implementing technical solutions that position organizations for growth.

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“Ease the Transition to ICD-10: A Checkpoint”
Keith Fulmer, CTO, MHSA, PMP, Hielix

Overview: Where is your organization in the ICD-10 conversion and implementation process?  Think all of your ‘bases are covered’? Are you aware of everything you need to do to ensure your organization makes the October 1, 2015, ‘GO-LIVE’ date?  Hielix has developed a unique roadmap plus an ICD-10 Toolkit, based on proven methodology, to get you there by the deadline. This session will be a good check point if you have any questions about your readiness for ICD-10.

About the Speaker: Keith Fulmer has over 20 years of senior leadership experience in information technology, working in many different industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, and manufacturing.  As the senior leader of Hielix healthcare advisory practice, Fulmer brings significant healthcare regulatory subject matter expertise related to the impacts on technology, finance, and revenue cycle operations in healthcare providers and payers and oversees the Firm’s ICD-10 Implementation consultancy.  Mr. Fulmer’s experience includes overseeing strategic and tactical technology planning and implementation, project management, customer support and team leadership in large, complex health information technology implementations.  Fulmer has a passion for developing IT solutions that solve real problems in healthcare and is a change management expert.

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“Expanding Data Warehousing into a True Management Tool”
Bill McCallum, CEO/President, Accountable Analytics

Overview: Correctly building reporting solutions is essential to achieving coherent results across the enterprise. Well-structured definitions are necessary for consistent understanding of the information presented. The addition of external information and benchmarks is critical to a group’s understand of their own performance. You can’t manage what you can’t see.

About the Speaker: Bill McCallum has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare with a focus on the development and manipulation of clinical and operational data. He has a unique ability to bridge information technology with clinical understanding. He has developed a number of Healthcare business intelligence capabilities where discrete data from Practice Management and EMR systems are downloaded into a proprietary “Data Model” and “Data Cube,” which directly supports operations/clinical improvement and ongoing monitoring across multiple data feeds.

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“Transforming Healthcare with Cloud Platforms”
Shawn Remacle, Director, Industry Sales Engagement, Microsoft

Overview: Microsoft’s cloud platforms are enabling healthcare industry customers to improve productivity and business agility while delivering powerful new capabilities to the enterprise, the cost savings of an elastic resource, and a HIPAA-compliant environment. This session assists Health IT Executives to understand the impacts of a cloud strategy, the breadth and depth of Microsoft cloud technologies, and the effect cloud platforms are having in transforming business, clinical and IT objectives. Customer use cases will be included in the discussion.

About the Speaker: Shawn Remacle is the Director of Industry Sales Engagement for Microsoft Health and Life Sciences and is based in Reston, VA. He is responsible for shaping industry conversations around Microsoft products and services and working with partners to broaden the reach of Microsoft health solutions. For 10 years prior to working for Microsoft, Shawn was the Chief Information Officer at a multi-hospital, integrated health provider in North Carolina.