AAJ Technologies’ Jorge Agnese Joins SIG’s LatAm Alliance Board to Share Knowledge of Sourcing IT Delivery Dream Teams

AAJ Technologies’ Jorge Agnese Joins SIG’s LatAm Alliance Board to Share Knowledge of Sourcing IT Delivery Dream Teams

Fort Lauderdale  (April 5, 2016)  Jorge Agnese, Vice President of Nearshore and Outsourcing Solutions at AAJ Technologies, has been appointed to the Board of SIG’s LatAm Alliance to share his experience in creating the next generation of nearshore engineering teams in the U.S. and South America.

LatAm Alliance Chairman Bruno Guicardi warmly welcomes him to the Board, “Jorge’s vast experience brings the kind of leadership, integrity, and entrepreneurial drive, that our organization is looking for. His expertise will support our goal of promoting the nearshore delivery model by fostering collaboration between executives, sharing location intelligence and best practices to its member organizations.”

In the early nineties Jorge was among the first to propose and use Facial Recognition software to de-duplicate voter registration systems. Today he builds multi-national technology delivery teams by engaging engineers who are motivated, customer focused, and innovative thinkers.

Rosana Leary, Executive Director of LatAm Alliance enthuses “We are very excited to have Jorge join our great group of leaders. With his vast experience in the nearshore delivery model and his understanding of the keys to promoting and delivering for his clients, Jorge is sure to add great value and insight to our efforts.”

About AAJ Technologies

AAJ Technologies assists customers in driving digital transformation throughout their organizations. They combine individual digital technologies, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, (SMAC) to deliver integrated business solutions, helping their customers evolve into digitally mature organizations.

AAJ’s vision is to help companies realize their greatest potential. With a unique combination of deep technical expertise and business acumen, they’ve collaborated with clients for twenty years to address their most critical business challenges. AAJ implements solutions that reduce costs, enhance efficiencies and increase profitability.

About LatAm Alliance

LatAm Alliance is the industry association for IT services and business process outsourcing in Latin America. Its mission is to support those who are currently, or considering, sourcing IT or business process services from Latin America by providing thought leadership, networking opportunities and best practices. Founded in 2012, the LatAm Alliance became a working council of Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) in 2016. This partnership provides an opportunity to elevate the industry through some of the largest and most forward-thinking companies in the world.  www.latamalliance.org

About Sourcing Industry Group (SIG)

SIG is a membership organization that provides thought leadership and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement and outsourcing from Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies and the advisors who serve them.  SIG is widely known as a forum for sharing “next” practices and thought leadership through live networking events, virtual forum and a comprehensive online SIG resource center (SRC), which was developed by and for professionals in sourcing and outsourcing.  The organization is unique in that it blends practitioners, service providers and advisory firms in a non-commercial environment.  SIG is also the parent organization for SIG University, a one-of-a-kind certification and training program for professionals and executives seeking deep expertise in sourcing and governance for themselves or their teams, as well as Outsource, which provides unrivaled digital content for the opinion-formers and decision-makers at the heart of the outsourcing space. www.sig.org


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