AAJ Technologies Presents First Ever Digital Transformation Forum To Boost South Florida Enterprises’ Digital IQ

AAJ Technologies Presents First Ever Digital Transformation Forum To Boost South Florida Enterprises’ Digital IQ

Executives’ confidence in their organization’s digital abilities lowest in a decade with only half of executives rating their Digital IQ as strong

Fort Lauderdale (June 6, 2017) – AAJ Technologies, a Fort Lauderdale based Digital Transformation and Technology Solutions provider is hosting the DX Forum 2017: Digital Transformation in the Enterprise Conference and Luncheon on June 22, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 22, 2017.

Amjad Shamim, CEO and Managing Partner of AAJ Technologies, announces, “AAJ Technologies is excited to present the DX Forum 2017 here in Fort Lauderdale at a time when companies that are hesitant to embrace technology as a business component are missing out on market share, higher customer satisfaction and shareholder returns. This is very much true for more traditional businesses, that could become more competitive and benefit from technology”.

Executives’ confidence in their organization’s digital abilities is actually at the lowest it has been since tracking commenced said PwC’s Global Digital IQ survey, which polls 2,216 executives at companies with annual revenue of more than $500 million. Only 52% of executives rate their Digital IQ as strong, down 15% from the year before.  Moreover, companies in less technology friendly areas, including many in South Florida, may fall into the trap of thinking investments in technology and digital infrastructure will not be well received. This thinking needs to be changed as the investment today will create improved customer relationships and employee satisfaction, and overall performance. Being on top of your Digital IQ pays off in dividends and It’s important to keep the momentum going, but executives often don’t have the know-how to improve their company’s digital expertise. This is where the DX Forum will play a pivotal role.

Murray Izenwasser, CMO and VP of Digital Transformation at AAJ Technologies, and leading speaker at the Forum, explains the evolving meaning of the term, “DX or Digital Transformation means different things to different people. In a broad sense, it is the comprehensive application of digital technologies to a traditional business or industry. Beyond a simple digital automation of an operation, the transformation can enable breakthrough innovation, productivity and human engagement.”

The conference will feature an expert team of master strategists to help executives gain confidence and make the leap to succeed in their digital transformation journey.  Speakers will  include: David Rogers, author of “The Digital Transformation Playbook”, Cal Austin, Lead Instigator Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer; Stefan Tornquist, Vice President of Research, Econsultancy; Bunny Ellerin, Director of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program, Columbia Business School; Randy Rosenthal, Founding Partner at Tricycle Studios; Jake Morgan, North America South Solutions Consulting Manager and office of the CTO, MuleSoft; and Murray Izenwasser, CMO and VP of Digital Transformation at AAJ Technologies.

The DX Forum will be sponsored by MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks. . MuleSoft’s mission is to help organizations change and innovate faster by making it easy to connect the world’s applications, data and devices. With its API-led approach to connectivity, MuleSoft’s market-leading Anypoint Platform™ is enabling over 1,000 organizations in approximately 60 countries to build application networks.

AAJ Technologies, based in Fort Lauderdale, works with companies at every stage of the digital transformation process to make real and impactful change. They provide software solution development and total lifecycle development support via a hybrid on-shore, nearshore, and off-shore delivery model. AAJ supports social, mobile, analytic and cloud-based (SMAC) enterprise initiatives with digital and technology solutions, and continues to expand across organizations from enterprise to start-up, and across industries. Their highly specialized teams know how to take operations digital, share information securely, and explore the potential of this new digital age we live in. www.aajtech.com @AAJ Tech

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