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 Wellness Portals
Wellness Portals

Health Portals Share Information Across The Healthcare Enterprise

Health portal solutions provide the foundation for more streamlined and efficient information sharing. This helps healthcare professionals work together more effectively, respond to issues more quickly and deliver higher quality care at a lower overall cost. In fact, AAJ Technologies has built health portals for three of the largest hospitals in the nation!

As a central information hub, a healthcare portal can be tailored to the specific needs and roles of particular users. This gives the right people instant access to relevant applications, content and services that facilitate collaboration and enhance community.

Health portals are available in the following implementations:

Physician Portals
Deliver consolidated access to information through a single entry point.

Employee/Administrative Portals
Enable streamlined access to business and financial data within and among organizations and allow for the timely and broad updating of staff; can also provide access to human resources information, training, organizational communication, and departmental information.

Patient Portals
Offer new ways for patients to access health information and communicate with their doctor.

Wellness Portals
Help organizations promote a healthy lifestyle supporting content for weight management, nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation and stress management.Contact us today to bring your healthcare enterprise together using the power of portals.

Contact us​ today to see how AAJ Technologies can help you share information across your whole enterprise.

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