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 JET Up Sell, eCommerce
JET Up Sell, eCommerce

Capture More Profit Per Customer with JET Up-Sell

Less than two years from now, provisions in the Affordable Care Act will go into effect, introducing the individual mandate, establishment of health insurance exchanges and elimination of pre-existing conditions restrictions. These provisions will drive a cataclysmic shift in the health insurance market, away from group plans to individual policies. This will create a trillion-dollar opportunity for insurers with the right strategy and technology in place to seize it.

The Challenge: Selling Individual Policies Increases Complexity and Risks; Squeezing Margins

  • Consider how different the health insurance  landscape will look in 2014 – and its impact on your bottom line:
  • With group plans, you can spread individual losses across a more profitable whole. However, as the health insurance landscape shifts to selling more individual policies, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to absorb individual losses, especially when insurers are no longer permitted to underwrite and price policies based on medical risk.
  • Group plans are conducive to bundling profitable products such as vision, dental, disability, and life insurance into a comprehensive one-size-fits-all benefits package. This ability to “up-sell” related products becomes more challenging, and often more expensive, to replicate when selling individual policies.
  • With the advent of health insurance and benefit exchanges, the landscape will become increasingly more competitive for health insurance plan providers due to plans becoming commoditized, significantly reducing profit margins. 

So, how do you make money in the individual market, as regulations, cost pressures and “unbundling” eat into profit potential?

The Solution: Expand “Wallet Share,” Capture More Profit Per Customer with JET Up-Sell
JET Up-Sell, developed by JET Health Solutions (JHS), provides payers with the solution they’re looking for: A robust e-commerce module that replicates the product-bundling advantages of group plans in way that’s profitable for the individual market. JET Up-Sell allows health plan providers to capture more individual consumer “wallet share” with an automated online system that assists customers, who just bought an individual health insurance policy, with targeted opportunities to purchase additional related products they want and need, such as:

  • Pharmacy, dental, vision, long-term care, life policies
  • Mail-order pharmacy, durable medical equipment, diabetes testing supplies, and over the counter (OTC) products
  • Home owners, vehicle, annuities, loss of income insurance products
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