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 JET Care Connect
JET Care Connect

Powerful Mobile Case Management

With an increasingly mobile workforce, having solutions geared toward the mobile worker is essential. Organizations entering hand-written data in the field will undoubtedly encounter problems with data accuracy and speed due to manual entry and transcription.  Automating processes and enabling mobile health care workers to have access to essential technology in the field is a necessity for organizations held down by loads of paperwork and manual data-entry. This problem is compounded by organizations with decentralized work forces. 

AAJ Technologies developed JET Care Connect (JCC) for Mobile Case Management. JCC is a mobile case worker application designed to allow case workers to spend more time in the field while syncing their cases automatically. JCC also allows better documentation by enabling case workers to add pictures and videos to their case files.

JET Care Connect uses the GPS and mapping capabilities of the device to automatically set the most efficient schedules and routes for mobile case workers. With real-time route planning, case workers spend less time en route to visit their clients. Once the case worker arrives at their destination, JCC shortens processing time for agencies and clients’ wait-time for services. JCC also automatically and securely synchronizes their case data without having to travel back to the office.  

This powerful, mobile case management application is optimized for use on iPads, Android, and Windows 8 tablets. JET Care Connect is highly configurable and secure, supporting both online and offline modes.​​​​​​​

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