ICD-10 Code Management
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 ICD-10 Code Management
ICD-10 Code Management

ICD-10 Code Management and BI Tools Improve Cash Flow and Preserve Profit

AAJ and JET Health Solutions provides effective services and tools for your ICD-10 adoption efforts.

These services include:

  • Seamless transition to ICD-10
    Jet Health Solutions equips both providers and payers with the technology tools and expertise they need to make the transition to ICD-10 as seamless and painless as possible, with direct benefits to your bottom line.
  • Accurate and efficient coding
    Reduce time for proper code translations, increasing employee productivity and lowering administrative costs.
  • Timely claims processing and payments
    Produce quicker turnaround on reimbursements, reduce denied claims and improve cash flow.
  • Business Intelligence dashboard
    Gain access to detailed real-time claims and reimbursement analytics to drive sound, profitable business decisions
  • Early detection of denied claims
    Detect denied claims within minutes, instead of days, weeks or even months; equipping your staff to resolve issues quickly, with less manual effort to ensure accurate and timely payment.
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