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ICD-10 Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Improves Cash Flow and Preserves Profit

By October 1, 2013, all health claims must be submitted and processed using ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes, requiring healthcare organizations to update their systems from using 14,000 ICD-9 codes to over 140,000 corresponding ICD-10 codes. This is a massive and daunting undertaking fraught with risks. AAJ Technologies equips both providers and payers with the technology tools and expertise they need to make the ICD-10 transition as seamless and painless as possible, with direct benefits to your bottom line.

Accurate and efficient coding. Reduce time for proper code translations, increasing employee productivity and lowering administrative costs.

Timely claims processing and payments. Produce quicker turnaround on reimbursements, reduce denied claims and improve cash flow.

Business intelligence dashboard: Gain access to detailed real-time claims and reimbursement analytics to drive sound, profitable business decisions.

Early detection of denied claims: Detect denied claims within minutes, instead of days, weeks or even months. With this rapid detection, your staff is equipped to resolve issues quickly and with less manual effort to ensure accurate and timely payment.

JET Health Solutions’ ICD-10 Enterprise Tools:

ICD-10 Crosswalk Generator: Reduce time and costs by automating the mapping of ICD-9 to -10 codes with this easy-to-use conversion and translation tool. It also identifies complex translation issues and provides windows to both code sets to resolve mapping issues. Plus, it's customizable so you can input your own set of codes. Crosswalk Generator is available in web, desktop and mobile versions.

ICD-10 Code Lookup: Quickly and easily find corresponding ICD-10 codes through various methods, including backward lookup and searches by both diagnosis and procedure codes. Easy-to-use interface reduces amount of training required, helping boost user productivity at lower cost. Available for web, desktop and mobile versions.

ICD-10 Business Intelligence (Industry Exclusive!): Equip appropriate management and staff with a comprehensive, real-time dashboard of claims and reimbursement analytics that provides the information they need to drive sound, profitable business decisions throughout the organization. ICD-10 Business Intelligence is also available as a stand-alone module that can be seamlessly integrated with most Crosswalk and Code Lookup systems on the market.

ICD-10 Claims Denial Detection System (Industry Exclusive!): Avoid getting blindsided by mounting denied claims that overwhelm your staff to resolve and collect. Catch denied claims near instantaneously, while they are still manageable, so your staff can more efficiently correct them to ensure timely payment. Payers also benefit from this module because massive amounts of unforeseen denied claims, from multiple providers, can negatively impact cash flow and profitability, especially when you’re having to make large one-time payouts.

Explore how these tools can make the ICD-10 process less stressful and more profitable for your organization

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