Business Intelligence and Analytic Portals
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 Business Intelligence and Analytic Portals
Business Intelligence and Analytic Portals

Get The Big Picture With Business Intelligence (BI) for Healthcare

Today it is more important than ever to know what is really happening in your healthcare organization and to know it fast enough so you can make the necessary decisions on time. Business Intelligence is simply turning the data you already collect into useful information and reports to support decision making. With recent technological developments, BI is simpler and more accessible than ever.

AAJ and JET Health Solutions design and deploy BI solutions that collate information from multiple systems – within and across healthcare organizations – and present it in clear scorecards or dashboards providing up-to-the-minute reports at a glance. Everyone from an anesthesiologist to the nursing unit manager can obtain real-time information relevant to their own key performance indicators (KPIs), empowering them to be informed, compliant and accountable.

Help Staff Adhere to Best Practices

  • Follow correct procedures with automated workflows and alerts – built-in prompts help to identify important signs and symptoms or missing data during patient audits
  • Obtain a unified, real-time view of patients to improve care and reduce error
  • Track patient presentations to identify chronic conditions, drug-seeking behavior, child
    abuse, misdiagnosis, etc.
  • Monitor performance against KPIs

Help Keep Managers Informed

  • Easily monitor performance against hospital guidelines or goals using dashboards, scorecards and detailed reports
  • Analytical tools help identify trends, issues and ways to improve outcomes
  • Quantify risk controls and embed procedures into practitioner’s work practices
  • Standardized tools and processes enable managers to budget faster and more accurately

Help Directors Plan Effectively

  • Know where your organization stands and make strategic decisions faster with real-time drill‑down views of performance
  • Align performance measures at every level of the organization so everyone works toward the same goals
  • Help establish consistent and efficient risk management organization-wide to ensure good governance and meet auditing standards
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