Admissions and Registration (A&R)
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 Admissions and Registration (A&R)
Admissions and Registration (A&R)

AAJ Technologies Provides the Answer

Whether you’re looking for a complete “end-to-end” solution or a system that supports one aspect of your school’s operations, AAJ is fully equipped with the right tools and expertise to guide your organization in its adoption of new technology.

Streamline the registration process to make it easy for parents and students to use – and more efficient for administrators to manage. Boost enrollment rates by reducing the number of people who “fall through the cracks,” those who start the registration process but don’t complete it.

AAJ customizes the Admissions and Registration solutions to each of our clients' specific needs, so you can rest assured that integration with your other systems will not be an issue and each item on your "Wishlist" is possible.​​

Contact us​ today to see how AAJ's custom Admissions and Registrations system can ease your enrollment process.

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